Live Without A Net

We took the leap in 2010, jumped head first with winemaker Kurt Niznik, who, after telling us how crazy we were asked “when do I start?” He called in Kendall Smith, an old friend, passionate about micro-vineyard farming, and she brought a super talented team in tow. Together, we kicked off Sylvie.

From left: Kendall Smith, grape farmer; Brian Atwood, scientist/partner; Henry Lopez, scientist/tinkerer/partner; Kurt Niznik, winemaker; Sarita Sylvie Lopez, writer/chicken keeper; Christina Lopez, artist/sculptor/gardener/partner

We farm our 30 rows as organically and earnestly as we can with an understanding of what each vine can give us. We observe and respond. Obsess over every detail. Aim for that singular expression of fruit: pure, in perfect balance, delicious. Then, we make our wine, all four barrels of it.